Na Koa Huna Kupua are "the Warriors", defenders of ancient Hawaii, also known as the "Gatekeepers". Na Koa means "the Warriors". Huna Kupua means "hidden wisdom" and is one of the simplest, oldest and most powerful of forms of spirituality. Huna Kupua is beyond religion or even spirituality. Huna Kupua is a way of life and a way of being that is solid and unlimited.  

Kanaka Maoli Flag of the People

Huna Kupua in ancient times was kapu, or "forbidden" under penalty of death. Na Koa Huna Kupua are a group of people dedicated to personal, local, national and international sovereignty based in Hawaii and particularly Kaua'i, "the island that was never conquered". Genuine Sovereignty is possible by living the way you believe and being willing to face fear or death to defend the way you live.

The Warriors of Ancient Hawaii:

Koa Warriors - Elite Hawaiian Forces

The Koa warriors were disciplined war machines. They used a martial art, Lua, which they only practiced at night to prevent prying eyes from learning. It was kapu, or forbidden, to teach someone who wasn't in their caste or foreign. In battle they wore feathered cloaks and gourd helmets for protection against lethal missiles. Their arsenal of weapons was varied, amazing and devastating. They employed shark toothed slashing weapons, shark toothed throwing axes, trip cord weapons, stone maces, double sided daggers, strangle cords, forked trip weapons and spears.

Massed Infantry, Hawaiian Style:

Much like the Macedonians of Alexander the greats time the ancient Hawaiians massed pike men by the thousands. These large tightly packed formations presented an enemy with thousands of pikes. Pikes are essentially long, two-handed spears and they wear used in warfare until the American Civil War. These formations made up the main force of a Hawaiian army and were used to smash against enemy forces. If these warriors broke formation a massacre would soon follow, but united they were the greatest force present on the battlefield.


In addition to the above components each army consisted of skirmishers who's job it was to harass and weaken enemy formations. They employed javelins and slings to devastating effect. Ancient Hawaiian battles have been compared to rainstorms due to the shear quantity of missiles flying.



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