The location is yet to be revealed so as to protect Kingdom advocate leaders and the integrity of the Council.  Call Kawika Kawananakoa at (808) 485-4052

for more information and to attend this important council.


United States Ambassador to the Hawaiian Kingdom LTC. DAVID K. SWENDIMAN

The Hawaiian Kingdom Council is being established as an official liasson between the United States Government/Military and the formal restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom based upon US PUBLIC LAW 103-150 and defacto State of Hawaii HR #23 of 2012.

The process and procedure of this Council is as follows: 

Prayer Circle and Blessing

by Kaliko of the "Royal Order of Kamehameha"
followed by Awa Ceremony and introduction of the individuals below present

or by proxy, representative or participation via Conference Call

or other electronic media.

Round Table Council

"Everyone may speak once before ANYONE speaks twice."
-a very enlightening and effective process which bypasses bureaucracies, inefficiencies, disagreements and miscommunication.

Special NOTE: This alone is enough for Kingdom advocates to accept each others' differences in order to focus on common objectives:

Formal Restoration of the Kingdom

Free-form Discussion

This process is part of the 90 minute Council who purpose is Introductions / Planning the Work / and Working the Plan

Roberts Rules of Order

This is an antiquated yet still very effective and powerful means to make decisions and to engage in actions that will further the cause of the Hawaiian Kingdom and its formal restoration as a Sovereign Nation according to International Law, US CONGRESSIONAL LAW and defacto Hawaii State Law.

Call (808) 482-4052...

...for a seat on the Council.

First-come first-served, though the individuals named below have priority

and shall receive preferential treatment:

1- Lawful Hawaiian Government -any and all Ali'i, Nobles, Repesentatives, Commoners, Advocates or Representaives, especially Prime Minister Henry Noa, Cyd Hoffeld, Garry Hoffeld, and the Ohana of  Anakala Robert Kaliihoomalu of Kalapana (Primo and Kamuela)

2- Attorney General Tom Anthony and his Staff

3- Bumpy Kalalehe

4- P.K.O.H. Polynesian Kingdom of Ato-oi, specifically Ali'i Dayne Aiopalani

5- Kau Inoa (Place Your Name)

6- Dr. Keanu Sai

7- Hinano Kaleleiki, son of Anakala Kamueal Kaleleiki, great, great grandson of the Fisherman Kaleleiki that clubbed Kamehameha over the head with a fishing paddle resulting in Kanakawai Mamalohe (Law of the Splintered Paddle)


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