E komo mai... "Welcome."

This website is dedicated to the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands...
its Formal Reinstatement and Self-Governing as a Nation. 

We honor and respect ALL advocates of Hawaiian Kingdom Sovereignty.  There are more than 60 larger organizations and hundreds of smaller ones.  This website intends to host an unprecedented opportunity for the vast majority of Kanaka Maoli and Kingdom residents to be Sovereign and Self-Governing.

This website honors all advocates for the 
"Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands and National Sovereignty*

Special Thanks to the Honorable Thomas Anthony of Big Island for all that he and his Staff have done for the Kingdom and Na Kanaka Maoli.  Mahalo nui loa Hawi and Charmaine of Hilo.  Stay tuned for CONTACT INFO and LEGAL UPDATES from the Attorney General's Office in Hilo.

Below is our latest effort in making a difference through Hands-on Education.

Feel Free to send an email to reserve your spot at this exciting Hands-on Outdoor Workshop!

Mauna Wa Akea, "The White Mountain" hosted one of the most successful environmental and cultural displays of the Freedom of the People and the power of the "Right to Assemble".  Most of these end badly.  Thanks to an unprecedented degree of collaboration between several major advocacies of the Hawaiian Kingdom, the action portrayed in this video continues to be successful today, years later.

You may click HERE for the full, original story and link to the archived video via Big Island Video News.

It is vital to understand and apply the importance of uniting Hawai'i's People, Na Kanaka Maoli ("the original people") those born here and Hawaiian Nationals (described as anyone who is nationalized through a formal process) according to de facto State of Hawaii House Resolution #23 of 2012.

Below is a list of Hawaiian Kingdom Advocates I have experienced firsthand including some of those I have no experience with but whom are a recognized authority in the Hawaiian Kingdom such as Dr. Keanu Sai, Bumpy Kanaheli, and Kau Inoa (Place Your Name).

In my objective observation, each of all of the Hawaiian Kingdom advocates play an integral and vital role in the formal restoration of the Hawaiian Nation.

Lawful Hawaiian Government / the Hawaiian Kingdom Attorney General's Office in Hilo / and the Kingdom of Atu'ahi or Ato'oi based on Kaua'i. 

The photo below is for the upcoming Crash Course for December of 2021 to Spring of 2022


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